Qualified Teams


Ryan Root and Scout

Qualifications: Wilderness Air Scent, Trailing, Evidence, Urban, Cadaver and Avalanche
Handler:  Ryan has been with FRRD since 2001. Ryan is a middle school social studies and language arts teacher for Boulder Valley School District. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys gardening, bee-keeping and working on restoring a 1959 Austin Healey "Bug-eye" Sprite. Ryan resides with his wife, Ann, 2 boys, and their 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 chickens. Scout is Ryan’s second dog to be qualified with FRRD.
Canine:  Scout is a mixed breed dog, possibly with some Dutch Shepherd. As a puppy found on the Navajo reservation, Scout was turned in to the local shelter, which recognized his high drive and willingness to bond and referred him to Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary's "Canines With Careers" program in Kanab, Utah. Having looked at over 700 dogs from local shelters and at Best Friends', as well as all the surrounding shelters, Ryan decided to take a chance with Scout. The bet paid off: Scout turned out to be a quick study. Ryan and Scout are also looking toward qualifying in Water.


Roger Matthews and Finn

Qualifications: Wilderness Air Scent
Handler:  Roger joined FRRD in 2017 after having been involved with both wilderness and urban search and rescue since 2001. He currently works as a family physician in Conifer, Colorado. In addition to being a FRRD canine handler, he is a member of Park County Search and Rescue, and Colorado Task Force One - U.S.A.R. He has been deployed to numerous wilderness SAR missions throughout the region as well as several national disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Ike, Gustov, Irma, and the Boulder/Lyons Flood in 2013. Roger is currently fielding his 3rd qualified search dog, Finn, and training a pup, Brodie.  When not participating in SAR activities Roger enjoys teaching wilderness medicine, mountain biking, rally racing, backpacking, skiing or snowboarding, and spending time on horseback.
Canine: Finnegan ("Finn") is a sable colored English Shepherd from Longmont who was initially supposed to end up in North Dakota herding cattle. When that transition fell through, he was adopted by Roger and quickly excelled at his new job as a Search and Rescue Dog. He has been fielding on wilderness missions with Park County SAR since 2015 and requalified for airscent fieldwork with FRRD in 2017. Finn loves spending time with his human and canine SAR teammates, and riding on anything that has wheels or otherwise moves although UTV's and snowmobiles are his top choices. 


Jenny Paddock and Ihu

Qualification: Wilderness Air Scent, Urban, Cadaver, and Avalanche
Handler: Jenny has been involved in search and rescue in Boulder County since 1989. Jenny grew up in Boulder and knows the county very well. She is an officer with the City of Boulder Police Department.  Through her involvement in the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Jenny was recruited to be a training and test search victim for FRRD. The experience gained as a mock search subject, then Field Support Member, led her to her first search dog, Tika.
Cainine: Ihu (Hawai’ian for “nose”) is yet another of the historically useful chocolate pocket labs.  She has boundless energy, a very strong search drive and an insatiable willingness to chase tennis balls.  She and Jenny are currently qualified in Wilderness Air Scent and Urban.


Terrie Kirkpatrick and Tia

Qualifications: Wilderness Air Scent, Urban, and Cadaver
Handler: Terrie became a Field Support Member for FRRD in 2003. She is a former Geophysical Engineer with a degree from Colorado School of Mines and the mother of two grown children. Terrie grew up in Boulder County and enjoys getting out in the mountains or on the plains. Tia is Terrie’s second dog to be qualified with FRRD.
Canine: Brandywine’s Tia Maria is a tri-colored English Shepherd. Her mother, Pip, was a very successful search and rescue dog with Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group. Tia's backcountry agility is amazing, she is as surefooted and fearless as a mountain goat, without being reckless. Tia is currently training in Evidence and will continue to train in Trailing.


John Kirkpatrick and Echo

Qualification: Wilderness Air Scent, Urban, and Cadaver
Handler: John joined FRRD in 2006 after watching his wife, Terrie, be a part of search and rescue for several years. John has a degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. After retiring as CIO and a VP of a large financial transactions company, he started his own computer and financial security consulting company. John is also a founding member of the Longmont Civilian Volunteer Patrol, part of the Longmont, CO Police Department.
Canine: Brandywine’s Rocky Mountain Echo (Echo) is a seal and white English Shepherd. Echo loves to play with his Aunt Tia, Terrie’s dog, but he takes his job of searching very seriously. His unbounded energy and enthusiasm help get him through long days of searching. John and Echo are working on qualifying in Avalanche.