Jeff Sparhawk
Jeff has been involved in search and rescue since roughly 1988. He was a handler with both Kiyla and Hiydn. Jeff is also a long time member of Rocky Mountain Rescue Group. Outside of Boulder County, Jeff has served many years as a Director for the Colorado Search and Rescue Board and as Region Chair for the Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association. With these nonprofits Jeff has had the good fortune to be able to balance work in the boardroom and time in the mountains on search and rescue operations, leading trainings at local, regional and national conferences, and evaluating search dog and mountain rescue teams throughout the west. Jeff now juggles a small son and running a solo law practice.


Kristen Gruca
Kristen joined FRRD in 2016.  In addition to FRRD, she is also a member of Rocky Mountain Rescue. Kristen works as a freelance broadcast engineer on large international sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup. She also spends time as a backpacking guide in the Grand Canyon and as an adaptive snowboarding instructor at Eldora Mountain. Kristen volunteers with a local German Shepherd Rescue having fostered a number of GSDs looking for a forever home. Which is, incidentally, how she came to adopt her German Shepherd, Eiko, when he was a puppy.


April Walker-Stemple
April began her career in search and rescue in late 2001 when she joined FRRD. She is currently a member of two separate Search and Rescue teams based in Colorado, Front Range Recue Dogs and Colorado Task Force One (COTF1). The FRRD team focuses on Wilderness Search and Rescue and COTF1 focuses on Urban Search and Rescue. April worked for West Metro Fire Protection, the sponsoring agency for COTF1, for many years. With this group she has been deployed to hurricanes “Katrina”, “Rita”, “Gustaf”, and “Ike” as well as the Lower North Fork Forest Fire, and the Front Range Floods in Colorado. April was a handler with Ankh.


Debi Krayna
Debi joined FRRD in 2017.  She is employed by Ball Aerospace in Information Technology.  Debi has been an avid outdoors woman since high school, backpacking, canoeing the Boundary Waters, cross-country skiing, bicycle touring in Canada, she has her private pilot’s license, has sailed the Great Lakes, and was a crew member on a sailboat from Chesapeake Bay to Tortola, BVI.  Debi is just beginning to train Matty, an English Shepherd.


Jeff Foltz
Jeff joined FRRD in 2006. He is a lawyer in the Boulder/Longmont area as well as being involved in the non-profit Attention Homes. Jeff attempted the very difficult task of training a deaf dog. Dapple, his rescued Catahoula Leopard Hound, was a very bright, motivated dog. She and Jeff worked together and were very successful at training in Obedience and Trailing. Dapple was smart enough to realize that if she didn’t want to get a visual command from Jeff, she should just not look at him. Sadly, Dapple died suddenly in the summer of 2014.