Teams in Training


 Ki and April
Ki is a very sweet and motivated German Shepherd.  She is quick to learn, adores April and is always ready for something new.


Buck and Ryan
Buck is a black and white Border Collie pup. Buck is an eager, high energy dog who will make a great teammate for Ryan.


Eiko and Kristen
Eiko is a handsome, red and black German Shepherd Dog. His favorite things are: his mom, playing tug, and running around in the woods. 


Matty and Debi
Matty is a black and white English Shepherd pup. She is Debi’s first search dog.


Ivy and Jeff F.
Ivy is a bright and energetic Catahoula Leopard puppy.  Jeff plans to train Ivy in trailing.


Brodie and Roger
Brodie is a sable colored English Shepherd, a younger brother to Roger’s currently qualified dog, Finn.  Brodie is high spirited and always on the lookout for an adventure.