Front Range Rescue Dogs was founded in 1984 and has been helping locate lost individuals and other items ever since. Each Field Member of FRRD has gone through extensive training and testing to ensure they are ready to be an asset to any mission to which FRRD responds. First and foremost, our human members are Search and Rescue Professionals. We must know how to navigate in widely varying terrains, during the day or at night, in any weather (most likely dark and often raining or snowing). We need to be able to strategize to make sure our resources are used in the most effective way possible. We are out there searching for clues and information which will help locate the individual who is at risk. Our qualified dogs are one of the most important tools we use to help us, but they are just one of the tools.

In order for both members and teams to be qualified to field, a lot of hours of training are donated and years of insight and knowledge are shared by all of our members. There is no single book or website to which an individual can go to and learn the vast amount of information that has been gathered and learned by our team over the years. No one in FRRD does this work for the praise or glory, we are here because we truly want to help those in need. We all realize that every step forward we or our dogs take in this process is due to the support of our teammates, that every find our dog makes is because of the foundation and guidance we have been given by those with whom we work.

FRRD is first and foremost a team, and that team is made up of individuals with widely varied backgrounds. What we all share is our love of helping others, our love and respect for Colorado’s diverse terrain and climates and our love of dogs.